Kralja Tomislava 28, Novi Vinodolski, Croatia
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The Mediterranean region, with mild and pleasant warm and sunny summers, with daily temperatures softened by the sea breezes, allows us to say that, Novi Vinodolski has a mild and healthy Mediterranean climate with 2400 - 2500 sunny hours per year.
The average air temperature in winter is around 10° C, while in the summer it does not exceed 27° C - 29° C, so the average temperature is about 15° C.
It's possible to swim already in May, when the sea temperature is about 18 ° C, while in the summer it can be around 26° C, but in peaceful and calm September, the sea temperature is returned to a comfortable 18° C - 20° C.
Although the days of the swimming season are sunny, the temperature is tolerable, as mild winds that blow through the Vinodol canal ease the summer heat and turn them into a favorable air baths.
The wind that blows from the continent to the sea (bura) is refreshing the coastal heat with mountain air, while the wind that blows from the sea to the continent (southern wind), carries moist but warm sea air. Other winds, such as the mistral, burin, the levant or the tramontana are particularly conducive to lovers of sailing.